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  • Owgels (10 Liter) Oxygen Concentrator (OZ-10-02 TW0) Price in Bangladesh

    1. German technology
    2. Own patent
    3. French molecular sieve
    4. Oxygen concentration 93%±3%
    5. The two functions of oxygen generation and atomization. Oxygen concentration can be used For 2 people at the same time
    6. Application range: 0-5000 m altitude 7.5L and 10L can be switched freely
    Technology German process air compressor, French molecular sieve, Dual filter system, Frosted plastic shell, Silent pulley, LCD, High-quality motor, Anti-aging test.
    Quality High quality, Pass SGSCertification. 5 years lifetime
    Brand OWGELS
    Model OZ-10-02
    Brand of Origin Germany
    Manufacturing China 
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