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3 Function Electric Hospital Bed with Mattress in BD

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3-Function Electric Hospital Bed with Air Mattress: Elevate patient comfort and care with adjustable features and premium air support. Discover the perfect solution for enhanced well-being and restful recovery.

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Three Functions Electric Bed price in bd:

A Three-Function Electric Bed, available at a competitive price in Bangladesh, offers an excellent blend of affordability and enhanced patient care. These versatile hospital beds are designed to cater to the needs of both healthcare facilities and homecare settings, providing a comfortable and adjustable platform for patients.

The three main functions typically include adjustable head and leg sections, as well as height adjustment. This allows for a range of comfortable positions, facilitating activities like reading, eating, and reducing the risk of bedsores. The electric controls ensure effortless adjustments, ensuring that patients can find their preferred position with ease.

These beds often come with sturdy frames and are built to meet healthcare standards for durability and safety. The cost-effectiveness of these beds makes them an excellent choice for medical institutions and individuals seeking quality care solutions at an accessible price point.

In Bangladesh, where access to quality healthcare equipment is crucial, a Three-Function Electric Bed offers an affordable yet dependable option for those in need, enhancing patient well-being and comfort during their recovery or treatment.


  • Advance linear actuator system (04 Pcs Motor, 01 Pc Control box, 01 Pcs Handset).
  • Four Pieces individual Side-rails, ABS Moulded.
  • ABS Moulded Head and Foot Panel with locking and corner buffer.
  • Framework Made-up of M. S. Tubes.
  • 4 section top made-up of Oval perforated CRCA M. S. Sheet.
  • Bed Mounted on 5″ Central Locking Castors, Durable and Quit.
  • S. S. Telescopic I. V. Rod with 4 Hook and at
  • 4 Locations, Holder for Urine Bag.
  • The sitting position adjustable.
  • Finish: Pre-treated & Epoxy Powder Coated.
  • Overall Approx. Size: 2090L x 910W x 460-700H MM.

3 reviews for 3 Function Electric Hospital Bed with Mattress in BD

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3 Function Electric Hospital Bed with Mattress in BD3 Function Electric Hospital Bed with Mattress in BD
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