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Oxygen Nasal Cannula Price in Bangladesh


  • Medical grade PVC
  • Size: Neonate, Child, Adult
  • Length: 2m or 7ft
  • Color: Transparent or Light green
  • Non-Sterile or Sterile EO
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Oxygen Nasal Cannula Price in Dhaka Bangladesh


  • Designed for oxygen flow rates of 1-6 lpm
  •  Curved nasal prongs for added comfort
  • 6-channel safety tubing is kink-free
  • Available with fits-all connectors
  • Soft, lightweight material is memory-free for long-term use
  • Made from non-toxic Medical Grade PVC material, thus non-irritating even in long term use.
  • Nasal prongs are designed to ensure equal volume of oxygen to both the air passages.


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Oxygen Nasal Cannula Price in Bangladesh
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